It’s me, again.

Hi All!

So my blog was deleted and here I am starting from scratch. Excuse the roughness as I work out the kinks in this space and figure out how I want to utilize this forum.

A little about me for those that aren’t familiar: My name is Jessica, I am a brand owner with a passion for bringing vintage and new/edgy fashion to plus size women. However, I wanted a separate space where I could really spotlight other brands and second-hand fashion. I am a strong believer in the sustainability of vintage, and have fun mixing old pieces with new.

Fashion has always been important to me, as a way to be political and express myself. I learned to love myself through style. Fashion is art, and so is your body. I want to get rid of the notion that plus size people should adhere to some arbitrary fashion rules set in place to make it appear that we take up less space, or to make others more comfortable with our bodies. Take up space! Wear what you want! You only have one life, so live it as loudly and brightly as you want. Change up your style constantly or keep it simple. It doesn’t matter, because the only person that matters is you.

I also love photography and styling, so you may see some examples of my creative work here. I love being surrounded by people that inspire and push me to think outside the box, and to continue pushing boundaries.

I hope you enjoy your time with me. I enjoy putting out content that will hopefully empower women of all shapes and sizes. You are beautifully you!


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