Opulent: Hayley

I’ve had this idea kicking around to shoot fat women in a way where they get to really take up space, not shrink down, be unapologetic and live out loud. I used bold styling to make this statement. I hope to make this into a series.

Model: Hayley Herms

Styled and Shot by: Me (Jessica Hinkle)

Clothing and Accessories: The Plus Bus, Hot Box Vintage, Proud Mary Fashion, Ready to Stare, Le Grand Garcon, Forever 21





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About Last Night

I had the pleasure of shooting Kat (from style ethic) for proud mary fashion a couple of weeks ago. We had such a blast that we decided to hang out all of last weekend and shoot around Las Vegas. She is a stylist so we pulled our closets together and she threw on some really fun looks. I am practicing my craft as a photographer and it’s so fun to have passionate people to collaborate with. Usually I am styling shoots and not behind the camera but truth be told I love it! I love all aspects of a photo shoot, so I can’t wait to work on more. Below is part one, our shots from night one.

Stylist/Model: Kat Eves

Photographer: Jessica Hinkle


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